Almost every coach wants to see video of recruits (unless the player is a top national recruit and the coaches are traveling to see the player as often as possible). Once the Head Coach has seen the player, Head Coaches want to see full game DVDs so they can evaluate every detail of a player's performance, ability, potential and thought processing in order to evaluate how well the player will fit into the Head Coach's system and how much success the coach can project once the player is in practice every day and has the benefit of being coached the way the Head Coach wants it done . The key is to attract the attention of the Head Coach. Unless the coach has had enough chances to see you, the best TOOL is a well-produced Personal Highlight Video which meets the standards and expectations of the coaches who watch hundreds of them each year.

Crusader 22 has a proven success formula for these Personal Highlight Videos which the coaches have expressed interest and appreciation for - succinct, professional presentation which allows the coaches to see whether a player has what the Head Coach is looking for in a recruit. Crusader 22 Personal Highlight Video have the attention of the coaches and delivers the right information - nothing more and nothing less. The goal of a Personal Highlight Video is for the coach to see what he needs to see and want to see more of the player - first in the form of game DVDs and later to have the player make a visit to the school for a full meeting and evaluation. The path to being offered a college uniform starts with being seen at your best.

On his trademark Crusader22.com web site, Adam Rubin showcases highlight videos of some of the top high school players on their way to the NBA Draft. The Video For Coaches site is dedicated to the highlight videos of high school players on their way to playing basketball at academic colleges. This collection of highlight videos is from the Hoop Mountain All -Academic Camp at Brandeis, Elite Student Athlete Prospect Camp, Academic Basketball Camp and all Earn A College Uniform clients.

For information on having your Personal Highlight Video produced by Crusader 22 please contact:

Harvey Rubin at 203.329.0707 and sportstv@aol.com..

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