Crusader 22 is Adam Rubin, his reputation built while a college student on his way to becoming an assistant college bb coach following graduation and finishing a documentary on the path of a student athlete from High School through the NBA Draft. He specialized in the video production of basketball: shooting, scouting tapes for coaches, shooting and producing "SportsCenter-style" highlight reels of many of the best prep players in the country, breaking down game video for player evaluations and scouting preparation for coaches and teams. In addition to the work he did with coaches, Crusader 22 offersed a service to high school players needing Personal Highlight Videos to use as a TOOL to attract the attention of college coaches, Crusader 22 produced over 100 videos for presentation to college coaches. Along with his friend and affiliate, the industry-leader HoopMixTape, Crusader22 was often found on the baseline at the top Prep showcase events and all-star games as well as touring the NEPSAC all season-long and then each of the sneaker company's summer circuits. The defining moment came at the McDonald's All America Game when Austin Rivers completed his steal / breakaway dunk with posing for the camera and asking "You Got That?" - into the Crusader 22 camera under the basket, not the ESPN camera everyone expected him to go to.

Crusader 22 has achieved his goal and now produces videos for the Detroit Pistons on all of their social media channels, in-house entertainment systems and just about everything else. He is also involved with the burgeoning eSports industry and can be found with a camera in hand, the same as always. With Adam's move into the professional ranks, Harvey has stepped back in taking care of the academic student athletes and their need to have Video For Coaches in their quest to Earn A College Uniform and you will still see Adam at the Academic Basketball Camp and All Academic Camp making sure everything is done right and the kids are in good hands.

On his trademark Crusader22.com web site, Adam Rubin showcases highlight videos of some of the top high school players on their way to the NBA Draft. The Video For Coaches site is dedicated to the highlight videos of high school players on their way to playing basketball at academic colleges. This collection of highlight videos is from the Hoop Mountain All -Academic Camp at Brandeis, Elite Student Athlete Prospect Camp, Academic Basketball Camp and all Earn A College Uniform clients.

For information on having your Personal Highlight Video produced by Crusader 22 please contact:

Harvey Rubin at 203.329.0707 and sportstv@aol.com..

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